Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Popp

Burgstraße 19

D-95632 Wunsiedel, Bavaria, Germany

Tel. (+49) (0) 9232 / 9933-11

Fax (+49) (0) 9232 / 9933-40



married, three children,

born at the 16th of October 1958 in Schönbrunn near Wunsiedel,

Diplom-Enginieer Univ.,

self employed,


Engineering office for renewable Energies, Energy storage, simulations and software developement

From may 2002 to april 2008 honorary deputy mayor of festival city Wunsiedel,

since may 2002 member of the city council.

Constituting speaker of the citizen initiative "Wunsiedel is colorful", from the 14th of march 2005 to the 24th of september 2007. Since then advisor.

Education and career:

  • 1976 secondary school qualification at the Sigmund Wann Realschule in Wunsiedel,

  • 1978 advanced technical college certificate at the Fachoberschule in Kempten in Allgäu, Bavaria,

  • Afterwards 15 month mititary service as tactical draftsman at the German army in Cham,

  • From 1979 to 1983 study of mechanical engineering at the Fachhochschule Coburg

  • During this study, in march 1983, founding of the engineering office and start of selfemployed activity

  • At the beginnig, constructions and software for test rigs were developed for well-known automotive supplier.

  • From 1983 to 1989, parallel to self employed activities, study of mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich

  • A student research project about pump turbines, the central component of pumped storage hydro power stations, was established.

  • The diploma thesis was as computersimulation about the "determination of the stress in car power train elements by consideration of motor impulse and torsional oscillation".

  • In the engineering office, software tools are developed for the automotive industry for gearing and optimizing of automatic gear boxes and the management of the related extensive datas.

  • A second field is the development of software for printing companies.

  • From 2002 to 2008 honorary debuty mayor of the home city Wunsiedel.

  • As debuty chairman of the board of the regional power supplier followed an intensive involvement with questions of energy supply.

  • The proposal for a pumped hydro power station in the Fichtelgebirge was leading to the research for answers to the question, how energy storage plants can deliver a contribution to a sustainable regenerative power supply.

  • Those researches led in autumn 2009 to the beginning of doctoral studies at the Technical University of Braunschweig.

  • The doctoral theses with the title "storage requirements for a power-supply with renewable energies" was handed in in april 2010 and the oral eximination was passed in july 2010.

Leisure activities:

  • Amateur pilot,

  • Member of Rotary,

  • political engagement as member ot the city council.